If no one can find your website, does it exist?

Not really. That's why search engine optimization (SEO) is so important. You have to get found first.

More business for free.

That's why SEO is the small business owner's best friend.

Your business' next new customer is likely to start with an internet search to find you.

78% of internet users conduct product research online.

People are looking for what you sell today, right now, through a search engine.  Help them find you first instead of your competitors.

Getting found. Why an SEO strategy matters.

Web marketing success depends on a great SEO strategy. A successful SEO marketing plan should make the following happen every time:

  1. Your prospect starts a search by entering in a few terms relevant to your business.
  2. The search engine says you have what the prospect wants.
  3. Your site's easy-to-view content convinces the prospect they found the right place.
  4. Your prospect is led smoothly through the steps to begin conversion to becoming a customer.
  5. Your sales go up.

Is this how your SEO marketing strategy works? No?

If not, the reason is usually pretty simple. Your website didn't impress the search engines.

Impressing the search engines. What makes them select you?

We start with the SEO basics, finding the right keywords for your page, then place them in all the right spots.

Do you know what search terms your customers use to find businesses like yours? Not sure?

We can help. We take a disciplined approach, no guess work, no using the obvious. It takes some time, but it's well worth it for your business.

Your business fills a niche and your customers are using ever more detailed terms that find your particular niche. We look for those terms to place in your content to get the search engines to notice you first.

Keyword phrases are just the beginning. Other things search engines notice...

Your content. Yes, content is king for a lot of reasons, the biggest being relevant information to your readers's needs. More than anything else, content is the significant reason your website will succeed or fail with the search engines.SEO Marketing Factors| The AFAB Group

Good SEO copywriting techniques. Is it well written, organized and grammatical? Is it not boring, not reading like corporate-speak? Is the content written to please both humans and the search engine bots? Google in particular is becoming very good at picking up on all of that.

Engaging content. Is page layout simple to scan and then skim? Does it compel the viewer take some action, such as setting up an appointment or making a sale? That does make a big difference, both to the humans who are looking at your site and the search engines deciding what to do with your site. Not to mention your bottom line.

Link-worthy. Is the content worthy of generating links from other sites to your site? Link worthy content is golden to the search engines.

New content. Do you constantly update and and add new content? Search engines love updated and new content. Google in particular seems to favor sites that keep adding content.

More things search engines notice...

Your authority. Do you use the terms an expert in your niche would use to write about the main subject of the page? Do you keep to one subject for each page? Combine subjects and you will confuse the search engines and the humans. And be ignored by both.

Your site's performance. Does it load quickly? Do all of the links work? Images displaying? Are all the proper meta tags in the proper place? Meta tags help the search engines understand your content.

Your user friendliness. Is the site thoughtfully laid out and easy to navigate? Are the readers coming to your site staying awhile? Or are they leaving just as fast as they arrived? Search engines think highly of sites that keeps it's visitors for a long while.

Even more...

Your Content Management System. Is it search engine friendly like WordPress is search engine friendly? WordPress is great at helping your site get noticed.

Not to mention: Do you know about your back links, micro-data and analytics?


If you answered these questions, congratulations, you just performed your own site SEO analysis. If you not you should hire The AFAB Group to provide the professional SEO services you need.

One more thing. A free SEO tip -

60% of all small businesses don't have their phone number on their websites.

Are you one of them? If so, you need SEO help.

All of our SEO Marketing work is done in Houston, TX

SEO Marketing.

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