7 Reasons WordPress is ideal for your website

Reason #1. Because WordPress is affordable, as in free.

Why is WordPress so popular with small businesses? Because it works and it's free. That's a hard combination to beat.

Right now there about 37 million websites use WordPress. Lots of them are business sites. 22% of new registered websites use WordPress.

Why free? WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS). It's supported by an active community that responds very well to it users needs.

Need a website to look a certain way and do certain things? Chances are good so did someone else. With a WordPress website design, the themes and plugins you need to create the site you want are ready to go. Many of those themes and plug-ins are available for free or at very low cost. This keeps your development and maintenance costs low.

Useful, affordable and profitable. That's why WordPress is the first choice for small business websites.

Reason #2. Because a WordPress website grows with your business.

Plan on growing your business? Wonderful. New content on the your website helps drive growth .WordPress Websites | The AFAB Group

Adding new...

  • text
  • Images and photo galleries
  • videos, podcasts and sound clips
  • social media
  • products in an e-commerce store
  • product reviews
  • forum topics
  • blog posts

is easy.

New content keeps your prospects and customers interested in your website.  It gives them a reason to return. It also keeps the search engines interested as well.

Reason #3. Because the search engines love WordPress.

Concerned about the search engines finding you? Of course. WordPress and the search engines get along very well.

WordPress helps you precisely describe what your site is about to the search engines. This helps them place your website in the right search results so the right people will find you.  That's one huge reason WordPress is so popular with small businesses.

Another huge reason goes back to the ease of adding new content. The search engines love sites that add new content.

New content tells the search engines you are interested in keeping your customers up-to-date.

Up-to-date content means the search engines consider your information to be more relevant to your customers needs.

More relevant content boosts the authority of your website.

More authority means your site is ranked above your competitors site in a search.

Ranking above your competitors means you get more leads and more new customers.

Reason #4. Because with a WordPress website you really can talk to your customers.

Really want to engage your readers? Outstanding! That's the secret to successful web marketing.

Because WordPress started as a blogging platform, it's heart is to interact and communicate with your customers. Yet it is capable of so much more.

You can add e-commerce, comments, reviews, scheduling, contact forms, calendars, contact management, social media, forums and blogs, all to connect with your customers.

Reason #5. Because WordPress is mobile ready.

Know you need to make your website look good on mobile devices? No problem. WordPress can look good on any device.

Most WordPress sites are now responsive. That means they look great on whatever device your customer is using to view your website. All of our customers get a responsive WordPress website.

Reason #6. Because a WordPress website really is your site.

Want to change your host to get a better deal? Not an issue. Move it.

With WordPress, your website really is your website. You own it. You can move it anywhere you like. You are never stuck with host's proprietary software and bad service.

Because WordPress is open source and so popular, you are never limited to one host. There are plenty of them eager to host your WordPress website.

Choose among any number of hosts to match your budget and service needs, starting out with a simple, inexpensive shared server plan to locating a site on its own server.

Reason #7. Because WordPress is secure.

Worried about security? Naturally. So is the WordPress Community. 

With a few simple safeguards, your site will resist hackers, keeping your information and your customers' information safe and secure. That makes WordPress an excellent choice for e-commerce.

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