Be social, as in friendly, funny, entertaining, informative or empathetic.

That's it.  That is your big social media marketing plan for success.

It's also the one thing too many business don't do and why so many fail on social media.

They don't understand what social media really is.  Social media is a rotten place to sell something.  Your sales pitch will stick out like the proverbial sore thumb.

Your readers will just skip over you and go where they find something useful or fun.  They want to be social.  Get social back at them.

This is your big chance to talk to your customers.  Don't blow it.

The secret to being a great conversationalist is to be a great listener first.

Think of social media this way:  it's a conversation. Be ready to listen.

Your customers more than willing to say what they really want, what they are really thinking. Get that conversation started and it's valuable market research, all free.

Best of all, it's where you go to build trust and a relationship with your customers. Keep them coming back.  Learn what they want to talk about.  It may surprise you and certainly earn you more business 

3 reasons why social media is perfect for small businesses.

With a bonus reason.

Reason #1.  Your customers want you to use social media.Social Media Marketing | The AFAB Group

85% of your prospects expect a business to be active on social media.

If you are not active, you are not reaching someone who could be your next new customer.

Reason #2.  More leads.

Companies with active blogs get 97% more leads.

So, what would your business be like with 97% more leads?

Reason #3.  More new customers.

78% of small businesses attract new customers through social media.

That's a lot of new business for just showing up and following a few rules of good social media etiquette.

Bonus. Social media is free. And fun.

Perfect for a tight marketing budget for a small business.  And who doesn't like fun?

The keys to a successful social media strategy.

If social media is so rewarding, why do so many companies give up trying to make a go of social media?

The answers are simple.

Traditional marketing doesn't work online.

Someone picks a platform they know, usually whatever is popular.  Then they do what they always do, create posts about their products and services. Then give up because no one seems interested in what they posted.

We will take the time to show why social media marketing so different than traditional marketing.  We will take the time to find the right social media platforms to attract the readers you want as your customers.

Starting without a social media marketing strategy.

Too many companies don't develop a strategy first.  They dive-in with their usual approach to marketing and that is a guaranteed fail.

We will show you how to build relationships, create engagement, build trust and then convert that into sales.

Success in social media is not hard. It just takes planning and patience and a willingness to be social and have some fun along the way. We will tailor our services to meet your needs and budget.

Our Social Media Marketing work is performed in Houston, TX - Only!

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