Email marketing makes you money!

Some think that email marketing is old and boring.  That it lacks the glamour and excitement of social media for marketing your business.

Maybe, but consider:

The ROI for an email marketing strategy is about 40 to 1. No other marketing program comes close.

About 40 times as many purchases came from a link in an email than from Facebook or Twitter.

While it may lack a bit of glamor, it more than makes up for it by bringing you new business.

5 reasons why email marketing programs work so well.

1. Email is used by everyone.

Think about the mind boggling numbers making email marketing so exciting.

There are about 4 billion email accounts worldwide, and 1 billion of those are business accounts. People send just under 200 billion emails per day, and half of those are business related.Email Marketing | The AFAB Group

Compare that to the 2.7 billion likes given on Facebook everyday.

Quite a difference, isn't it?

Lots of business people do not use Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest. You can bet just about everyone of those business people uses at least one email account.

More to the point, up to 78% of adults prefer email for commercial communications, while just 4% prefer social media.

Email vs. social media: Not even close as a marketing service, is it?

2. Email is personal.

A skillfully written email reads like a letter written just for your reader. It's in his own email box, along with emails from friends, colleagues and customers. The odds are it will be read.

No web page, blog post, Facebook post or tweet will match that kind of intimacy.  You speak one on one with your reader, just you and him.

3. Email follows-up like a top performing sales rep.

Prospects usually don't buy on the first contact.  Follow-up is usually the key to turn prospects into buyers.

That's why good sales people follow up and follow up and follow up.  Good follow up builds familiarity.  Familiarity builds credibility and trust.

People buy from people they trust.

A good email marketing campaign works just like a top producing salesman.  A good campaign is geared to build familiarity, credibility and trust. And then bring in the business.

The digital marketing cycle works like this.

About 95% of the qualified prospects go to your site to do research.

About 70% of those will buy a product or service from you. Or your competitor

That is why follow up is so important.  If you don't follow-up, your competitor will.

Guess who is more likely to get the business?

4. Email scales easily to fit your growing demand.

A well planned direct email marketing campaign lets you keep in touch with hundreds or thousands or even hundreds of thousands prospects and customers.

And the good part is the whole follow-up campaign can be made to read as personal note for each and every one of them.

5.  Email tracking and analytics measures your success.

The best email marketing services lets you track and measure your results. You can tell what messages are getting read, what links are getting clicks, what actions are being done to move towards the sale.

Everyday you see what is and what is not working. Tracking lets you keep what is working and fix what is not.

Email – easy to start, affordable to use.

A well thought out email marketing campaign let's you communicate personally and regularly with your customers and prospects.  You can tailor an email marketing program to match your needs and budget.

For your small businesses an email marketing campaign is affordable, efficient and effective.  No other marketing program will build relationships, provide trust, prove capability and convert to a sale like email.

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Email Marketing.

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